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The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Mar 31, 2021

Cryptocurrency, it’s been around for over a decade but some still think it’s a fad. What is it? I mean really, what is it? Is it currency? Is it a stock? How do you buy it? How do you spend it?? Is it a scam, is it legal tender? Someone please explain it to us. Our guest Dr. Christopher Ball, Assistant professor of economics at Quinnipiac University tries really hard to do just that. He uses every tool in his educational arsenal to bring us up to date on the Bitcoin bubble, the environmental cost of bitcoin mining, and cryptocurrencies' probability of transforming the global economic landscape. As for blockchain...well, uh...that’s going to have to be another show.

If you’ve been feeling #anxious or #stressed about #COVID19 lately, it's okay. Consider visiting the “Emotional Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Outbreak” page for some resources to help you cope during this time. 

Hosts: Corey J. Nash & Patricia Cramer

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