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The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Feb 24, 2019

For this episode Corey & Tricia welcome Seth Adam to the studio. Also visiting the studio is Dr. Laura, not "The" Dr. Laura, but Corey's longtime friend, Laura. We talk about being a local singer-songwriter, playing dive bars and writing your own records. Enjoy!  


Feb 16, 2019

Corey & Tricia sit down for a conversation with Psychic Medium, Rebecca Anne Locicero. Accompanied by our friend Donna Reali from Premier Wine and Spirits we had a great time. Tune in and Listen as Corey gets a reading done and finds out there's a lot of folks looking to chat from beyond!

For More information or to book...

Feb 9, 2019

This week Corey & Tricia talk with Matt Colehour from Small World Languages, a language school in Cheshire, Connecticut focused on providing early language exposure to children. We learn how the school was developed, how classes work and the passion that went into creating it. We also delve into our usual humor as we...