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The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Jul 21, 2020

Central Connecticut’s premiere senior living safety & technology specialists, Nick & Mario, manage the business founded by their parents after struggling to care an elder family member.   Listen to these engaging young men describe simple affordable systems that allow seniors to safely age in place.  

Jul 11, 2020

Karin Arai and Sharon Bergamo of Ball & Socket Arts discuss the origins of Evening in White parties and share how you and your family or a small group of friends, can participate from  your lawn or  home.  The FREE event will stream live on July 16 and will include an evening full of entertainment and surprises...

Jul 6, 2020

Entrepreneur, e-commerce specialists and owner of The Wonderland Tea Company, Jerry Piscitelli talks with Tricia & Corey about his small business experience in an e-commerce world.   Visit and use the promo code CHESHIRECAST to receive 20% off your...