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The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Jan 3, 2019

Corey & Tricia welcome Colby Lippman. Colby is an artist who specializes in blowing glass and also has the pleasure of being Corey's neighbor. We discuss the hobby of glass blowing, and how you have to seek out a man in Manitou Springs, Colorado in order to get started. Well, no not really, but it's sorta almost like that, it's just easier to make a phone call and watch Pink Floyd syncing with The Wizard of Oz. Not only do we discuss some amusing things about blowing glass, like did you know there are multiple types of glass? We also discuss how Kids Make you sick, New Neighbors and then Kids again. This is a fairly silly episode where Tricia is high on "Mexican Pharmaceuticals" and Colby and Corey have a lot with it. The finale is when Colby ties it all together with a story about Calling Facebook....sigh. Enjoy!