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The Cheshire (Pod)Cast

Apr 28, 2021

On this episode we introduce you to Drs Eric & Angela Kelly, a husband and wife chiropractic team located right here in Cheshire. There were so many laughs in this episode it really went off the rails at times as we weaved in and out of medical myths and benefits of chiropractic science and practice, working with your spouse, continuing education involving cadavers and their invaluable contribution to furthering medicine. What an amazing and funny couple providing pain relief and helping people live their best lives. We also find out the most up to date information on the ever evolving medical theories behind the habit of cracking your knuckles. You know who you are...

Remember to join us on Patreon there was a ton of outtakes from this episode that will make their appreance only on Patreon. We recorded for nearly 3 hours!

Hosts: Corey J. Nash & Patricia Cramer

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